CNC Milling 

Our multi axis, thru spindle machines can meet your most rigid demand. With the addition of our Pallet changers, we can cycle parts even faster to keep your cost down.  

  • 4 CNC Mills 

  • Pallet Changer 

  • Thru Spindle coolant 

  • Probing system

CNC Turning 

Dual Spindle machines with Live tooling and "Y" Axis. No part is too complex. 

  • 4 CNC Lathes 

  • Dual Spindle

  • Live Tooling 

  • Y Axis

  • Bar Feeder

Machining Overview

Multi Axis machines with the latest in CAD CAM software. We can fit your needs from Pro-type to Production. We can hold high precision tolerance in.

  • Carbon

  • Stainless

  • Inconel

  • Hastalloy

  • Monel

  • Aluminium

  •  Plastics



Water Jet cutting can cut almost any material without adding heat into the part. Cut up to 14" thick material with tolerances of +-.005

  • Two Water Jets 

  • 60 x 120

  • Dynamic Head


Three Multi-axis CNC press brakes

  • CNC Gauging

  • 250 Tons 

  • 12 foot length 

  • Complete tooling 


Laser Cutting can cut Carbon, Stainless Steel and Aluminum at very high speeds. Materials up to .75" thick. 

  • 60 x 120 table 


  • MIG

  • TIG

  • Automated TIG welding 

  • Certified Welders 

  • Aluminum 

  • Stainless Steel 

  • Carbon



  • Multi-stage phosphate wash system

  • Capacity 96" x 96" x 120"

  • We can match virtually any color with powder

  • Sand and Bead Blasting 

  • Wet Painting 

  • Assembly 

  • Packaging 



  • CMM

  • Optical Comparator

  • Full time Quality Engineer




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M&S Machine and Manufacturing has been a leader of high precision machined and fabricated parts since 1946. Our concept is derived from 70 years of machining and fabricating experience which has enabled us to offer parts that satisfy the highest requirements. M&S believes in new technology with old world craftsmanship. The commitment of our experienced staff to do the job right, the first time and every time, makes our quality and on time delivery second to none.


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